About Us

Nigit’Stil Norbert is an emerging young contemporary aboriginal artist and photographer based in Toronto and Yellowknife. Her brilliant photographic skills and instincts make her an up-and-coming artist that we should all look out for.

To showcase her brilliant work to the globe, Wilma C. Pimentel, an insurance manager from Fort Saskatchewan dedicated an online blog to Norbert.

2017 – Establishing the Blog

Pimentel has been a big fan of Norbert’s work for many years now and she wants to contribute to the artist’s success by helping her as much as she can.

By May 2017, the blog was up with the name Nigit’Stil Norbert Photography. Simple right? Well, Norbert’s work as an artist is far from simple. One of Norbert’s printed portfolios titled “Basic Vision” really made her a contender in the photography landscape in Ontario and pretty soon, across Canada.

What the blog is all about

The blog is more than just an online platform to showcase Norbert’s latest works. It is an online community where aspiring photographers can learn more about different photography skills.

On the blog, you can enhance the most basic skills in photography to the most advanced disciplines of the craft. The blog also features the work of other local photographers. Our mission is to no just tell the world about Norbert but to create a platform that will show the world about the brilliance of photography in the great white north.

For beginners out there, there are also a couple of video tutorials with Norbert and other famous photographers from Ontario.

A Collective Lens

The blog is even more than what was already mentioned above. For photographers out there, we are open to showcasing your photos for free. That’s right. The blog is also an exhibit showcasing the photography of other artists, either aspiring or established.

It is our philosophy that if a picture is beautiful, then it should be shared with the world, not just seen by a couple of people. That is what Nigit’Stil Norbert Photography is all about. So, if you love photography and photos, subscribe to our blog today. We’ve got new blog entries every day for you to read.