35mm capture
scanned, inkjet print 11"x17"

Small fragments of life have become abstract forms and images within my series, Reflect. Reflect is based on my own strive to capture and abstract nature from within the city, here in Toronto. These nine photographs eliminate anything that is significant of today’s influences; structures, people thus leaving the bare minimum. They are abstract reflections of trees, but they are not fully void of tangible forms and shapes. Elements being reflected off the water begin to show through and the eyes are confronted with a complete new reality. This reflection of thought contrasts their own realities; encouraging a new appreciation for different ways of looking at nature and the world. Reflect is my understanding of my own surroundings, finding the moment and capturing the beauty within the cement jungle that is Toronto.

The dictionary defines REFLECTION as: “the angle that a ray of light or the like, reflected from a surface, makes with a normal to the surface at the point of reflection.” This becomes a mental and a visual application. But when experienced by man in the creative process, the word reflection merges both meanings. Dreams and meditations are based on conscious and unconscious qualities of reflected perceptions. The viewer is then engaged and must have special awareness: One has to deal with two, three, or even more visual layers.

My aim is not to depict concrete facts or critical opinions about a foreign land, but to show the fragmented imagination of myself as a photographer.

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Series 1 of 9, 11"x17"