Underground Resistance

medium format capture
series of 8 prints, 30" x 30"

The series 'Underground Resistance' exhibited in 2013 at the exhibition 'Trade Marks' at the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto, ON, curated by Betty Julian with photographic and new media work by Keesic Douglas, Meryl McMaster, Nigit’stil Norbert and Bear Witness.

“Trade Marks presents a new generation of Indigenous artists who, through newly commissioned photographic, video and audio works, challenge working assumptions of who they are. The exhibition contributes to the recently revived conversation on what it is to be Indigenous in Canada today. It also considers how these artists have responded to the imposition of Western systems of classification on non-Western arts and how their artistic practices have been informed by methodologies of decolonization.”

Flower patterns/paper pasteups are directly inspired by my grandmother, Annie Norbert's traditional sewing pattern. Since I was a little girl these patterns have made a lasting imprint on my psyche, allowing me to understand and see beyond them to a world untouched by colonial systems and structures. By incorporating street art methodologies within this body of work allowed me to share some of the cities most unseen and forgotten spaces with a new audience. Highly inspired by the events of Idle No More and similar Indigenous resistance movements, Underground Resistance lends a strong feeling of hope and insight into what it means to resist daily confrontations with the colonial system and how difficult, if not impossible, it may seem to rise above. To resist. To confront. To decolonize.

All images are available as prints, or as a signed series edition of 8 prints.

Born Caged
Medium Format film capture, 30" x 30", series of 8
Red Destiny
Fractured Origin
Occupied Status
Little Girl
Unreserved Resistance
Unearthed Life