Pick Up Sticks

photo based installation
various mediums include, moldy and living logs, painted hardware nails, television and new media video, paper stack, along with two framed photographs

**Artist Statement**

"Can you ever truly understand the pain of others?

Centered around my own father’s childhood experience within the residential school system, this multi-layered body of work, uses photography, sculpture and video to help guide me through the process of coming to terms with something that I will never truly understand. It is important to me that all Canadians have some knowledge of such histories as assimilation and residential school because I feel that it will help heal our country. My ultimate goal is to make the case that many Canadians have been and are still targets of modern day colonization of the mind and body.

The title 'Pick Up Sticks' plays off the idea of a children’s game. What happens when you try to pick up one stick? Another moves, shifts, has to adjust itself. One stick, one connection turns out to be far more interconnected and bigger than it seems. By moving that one stick, the reverberation and impacts can be felt for generations."

'the Colonizer'
Detail view of tree on the left of installation
'the Colonized'
Detail view of tree on right of installation
Pick Up Sticks
Installation view from my final thesis critique setup
Pick Up Sticks
2nd Installation view from my final thesis critique setup
Edition of 550 handprinted letterpress prints
laser woodcut type, dark brown ink on natural kraft paper
Pick Up Sticks
Installation view at A Space Gallery, Toronto, ON - 2012